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Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Things That Are Sooooooo Annoying!!!

1. People who cut you off just to drive 5-10 mph slower than you were.

2. People with sinuses who make those annoying sounds with their throats.

3. People who start conversations with you even when they see a cell phone attached to your ear.

4. People who text/call at inappropriate hours.

5. People who continue to lie even after they have been caught.

6. People who park their cars so close to yours that you have to slide in sideways just to get in.

7. People who do not wash their hands when they leave the restroom.

8. People who bring crying screaming babies to restaurants that are really not for children.

9. People who never have money but always want to go out.

10. People who clip their fingernails in public.

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