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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Movie Review

Ok, so I spent my weekend being very lazy. Sometimes, you just need that quality quite time to get your thoughts and your mind right for the week you have just endured and the week you are about to face. Well during my quite time I watched two very good movies, He's Just Not That Into You and The Pursuit of Happiness. Ironically enough, both movies seemed to have the same theme, which is that happiness is not a casual feeling, but a state of mind in which you must aggressively aspire to obtain.

He's Just Not That Into You is a love story about four woman, three of which are single and one married, who are seeking to obtain happiness. Beth played by Jennifer Anniston, has been with her significant other for 7 years and despite the longevity of their relationship, marriage was nowhere in the foreseeable future.

Gi-gi, was another single girl who was desperately seeking to find love. She went on date after date, after date and obsessed over the actions of her dates, until she met a male friend that gave her the "rules" on how to know if a man is really into you.

Mary, played by Drew Berrymore was the 3rd single gal who searched for love through Myspace, Facebook and several other social networks. She goes through her search liking men who only text her, and prefer to respond to her by some means of technology instead of face to face.

The last character was the married woman who over the years grew quite uptight and distant from her husband. She used the good ole ultimatum method to force her man to marry her and and he did. Seven years later her honey met the beautiful Scarlet Johansson and I'm sure I don't need to tell you it was a wrap after that. We all know that girl is gorgeous and it didn't take long before Mr. Married was out creeping having a full fledged affair.

I won't give the entire story line away but these woman desperately sought to find love, and it wasn't until after they struggled and persevered that they found the love and happiness they were seeking.

This brings me to Pursuit of Happiness. Hats off to Chris Garnder, for the strong man he was. If I had to endure all the struggles he did I don't know if I would have carried it the same way. Pursuit of Happiness is an amazing story which depicts one mans struggle for happiness and the trials and tribulations he was faced with during his struggle. It appears that happiness is something you strive for despite lifes circumstances. It is not an emotion that is casually handed out, but it is a state of mind in which you can spend your whole life time pursuing or trying to maintain.

We all have different struggles in life and whether you are looking for love or just trying to make it one thing holds true, a struggle will be involved. So armor up and prepare yourself because the best things in life come with some sort of test or struggle. Either way make sure your ready!!!

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