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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Can See You Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Last week I decided it was time for my annual eye appointment. As I waited for the results from my eye exam I debated whether I preferred glasses or contacts. Call me clairvoyant but I knew before the doctor gave me the results that my vision was less than perfect. The first 3 slides was a blur of fog which I could not make out. It wasn't until we got to the 3rd chart that things began to look clear. When my exam concluded the doc kindly informed me that my current vision would not even allow me to pass the drivers test. That's when I started my debate on glasses vs. contacts. Glasses are ok, they give me that sexy secretary look however, contacts would camouflage better.

The doc shared the results of my test and I now know that I am nearside with a slight astigmatism. With that said, it was recommended that I get glasses for driving purposes only.

It took me almost an hour to find a pair of frames, but I finally decided on a pair of cute Coach frames. Judging from the picture above, you can see I have that intelligent but still sexy look going on, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Girl you are crazy!! they are cute tho, you have that nerdy but cute girl look going on.

  2. Girl those glasses are hot!! Sexy secretary huh? I am more excited that you can see on the road for crying out loud. Which is a scary thought - the number of people driving, including myself, who can't see.

    I have an appointment for the eye doctor too. It's been almost five years. I am dreading the report. I just hope my eye doctor is not like my dentist who lectures me and makes me feel so bad because I have negelected to make my appointments. The nerve, as if I don't feel guilty enough. Regardless, it is still not an excuse to neglect these important visits. I just hope that I walk out with a pair of frames as hot as yours.


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