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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shame on Lil Wayne!!

Ok, now I am not trying to be deep but I felt an urgent need to discuss this issue. I am sure you guys all heard Lil Wayne's "Every Girl" song. Now the first 30 times I heard the song I loved it. The beat and flow of the music just made me want to roll down all the windows in "Ally" and blast the music as loud as it could go. The picture of a hot sunny day where everything is great in the world and I'm looking my cutest always came to mind. It is interesting the thoughts our brains associate with music.

Anywho, one day in a heated debate with my BFF (a male) about dating and relationships he referenced how men have their pick of woman and most often they rather have all then choose one. Now although my BFF is usually heads on I decided to take a poll and see; Do men really want to have their picks without being forced to decide on one girl? the results are quite startling.

I asked 20 attractive men, composed of white collar professionals, blue collar workers and entrepreneurs and it seems the general consensus was until they find "the one" they "like her and her and her and her too."

Regardless of if your married, single, in a relationship or casually dating, that comment should deeply disturb you. I am personally disgusted by this but it led me to go check out the words to what was once my favorite song. Unfortunately, the lyrics were so crass and disrespectful I couldn't even post them. I encourage you all to check out the lyrics to this song, you can go to:

Again, I am really not trying to be deep but its one thing if dudes are feeling this song and this is how they approach relationships but what does it say about us ladies if this very same song is the song that has us running to the dance floor jamming, talking about "I love this song". Think about it.

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