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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Going Going Back Back to Cali!!!!!!!

The trip was really cool. I wish I could show you guys all of the 170 pictures that I took but I'm sure even attempting to do that would shut the whole Blogspot site down. My sister and I had a grand time and we saw every sight we had set out to see. We visited the following sites: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Village, the Marina, Venice Beach, West Hollywood, the Getty Museum, La Bella (restaurant)and Apple Lounge. In only 3 days we covered it all! The weather was not the best as it was only in the low 60's with overcast, but that did not stop us. Together, we trotted along the Big City of LA and we took it all in.

I was really pleased with the Sheraton hotel. It was modern, comfy and immaculately clean. The staff was polite and professional and the valet parking attendants made us feel like princesses every time we departed and returned to the hotel.

We decided to mix our trip with a little bit of culture which is why we went to the Getty Museum. Although I was a bit hesitant at first, the Getty Museum is officially the best museum I have ever been to and I've been to alot of museums. Aside from the history the museum holds, the scenery and the total size of this museum makes it a must see for tourists!

Beverly Hills was exactly what I imagined however, I was a little disappointed with Hollywood. On the tour bus Hollywood looked amazing but when we actually got off the bus and walked around it ironically reminded me of a bootleg Times Square. Nonetheless, I was still elated to be there.

Now if your wondering if we went shopping the answer is.......YES! My sister inherited the "discipline" trait so she was ok, myself on the other hand has yet to calculate the damage I've done. Free People is now one of my favorite brands. Their clothes are cute yet classy and the sales girl was phenomenal. Not only did she start a dressing room (a familiar sales tactic) she adorned my room with accessories and items that would compliment the clothes I picked out. The items she put together were really trendy something even a fashionista such as myself would not have put together. Needless to say it pained my to remove my debit card from my purse.

There were also alot of vintage boutiques which sold some really nice dresses. In total I brought (3) dresses (2) scarves (2) shirts and a ton of jewelry. I am hurting just thinking about it but boy am I looking forward to the opportunity of wearing these original pieces in the DC/MD/NY area.

There are so many other things I can tell you about the trip but here are some notable mentions from the trip:

-California men look waaaaay better than NY men (sorry boys) but they are very scarce. I only saw black men in the hotel and in Hollywood.

-California has a very serious no jay walking law which made shopping quite difficult when your trying to go into different stores, yet you always have to cross at the corner.

-California traffic is by far 2x worse then traffic in the city (NY).

-California has the best gays!! they were delightfully friendly and boy do they know how to compliment a gal and make her smile! I've never been called FIERCE that many times in one day.

-The Toyata Prius sucks!!

So there you have it folks, that was our trip to LA. If you haven't been you should definitely go at least once.

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  1. California was an amazing trip. It was the busiest two days in my life. We covered so much in such a short time. By day two, we were riding around Cali. like we had been living there for awhile. The traffic was madness, but oddly I preferred it, over NY. NY they cut you off, make lanes where there are no lanes, and they blow their horns too much. Cali., is just fast and busy.

    I enjoyed the shopping thoroughly too. I especially loved the service. The service was great; they just made you want to spend money - and spend money we did.

    The Apple Lounge was hot, but Belle Cucina was not so hot. The Sheraton was absolutely the place to rest and relax after tearing up the city.

    Manhattan Beach was awesome. Although we look ridiculous wearing pasminias and eating icees on a cloudy day, we had fun nonetheless.

    The best part of the trip was spending it with my sister. She is the best company - funny, insightful and supportive. We have had our ups and downs throughout life, but she is really the best sister ever. I am so glad that we took this trip together, and I hope this will be the first of many more sister-sister trips.

    Well, Cali. rocks! My sister is the best! Here's to the next sister-sister trip... wait for it, wait for it, here it comes... Heeeeey!


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