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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Whaaw whaaw gimme your #!"

With all that is going on in the world I am really amazed at how immature some people can be. I was at the gym the other day trying to get my work out on and this guy walked over to the machine next to me and said hello. As he grinned from ear to ear he proceeded to ask me my name and where I was from. Not sure if I was really interested I responded politely and said to myself "hmm......he's kind of cute lets see if he has any game." He mentioned that he saw me at the gym before and I guess he saw me that day and just decided to go for it since the gym was pretty empty. Now, I am open to good conversation however, if you are going to come talk to me at least bring your A game or some kind of personality pleeaaassse!

The gentlemen proceeded to tell me his name and then immediately asked me if I was single. Taken aback that my dating status was only his 3rd question I subtly redirected a question back to him and asked him where he was from. We went back and forth in an awkward discussion that did not flow too smooth for the next 8 minutes. The guy followed me from machine to machine talking and asking questions as if it looked like I could lift weights and talk simultaneosly.

Sensing my frustration, Mr. No Game asked me if he asked for my number would I give it to him? I told the boy, I mean guy to give me his number and I would call him. His response was "when do you want me to give you my number?" I'm not trying to be stuck up but you have to be kidding me! What kind of question is that?. If a man is interested he should make it happen and that is that. Asking me when should he give me his number and if I am going to call can be a little annoying when someone is seriously trying to work out.

In frustration, I told the guy it was nice meeting him and he could give me the number the next time he saw me since I didn't have any pockets. Dismissing him was not my intention but hey, since he couldn't get his game together a woman had to do what she had to do.

I saw Mr. No Game at the gym 2 days later and he walked straight past me as if he didn't try to holla at me 2 days prior. Shaking my head I laughed and made an attempt to be the bigger person by saying hello, but Mr. No Game never made eye contact.

In a situation like this a man makes himself look very silly and very salty when he responds this way. I will never understand why guys approach woman without putting much thought into their approach,and then throw silent tantrums when they get rejected. What happened to the old adage " If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?".

What made this story even more humorous is that when I updated my FB status with a shorter version of this story, I insinuated that men are babies and I received several comments on Mr. No Games behavior. "Give him a break", "Cut him some slack" was just a few of the comments I received. My personal favorite was: "Yes we are! Whaaa whaaa give me ur #! :)"

Men, when you approach a woman please come with your A game. If you have no game then at least have personality. If you have no personality then....I'm sorry, but maybe you shouldn't bother,<......PERSONALITY REQUIRED!!!!!

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  1. Ok, so I am guilty of "give him a break", but that is only because I know that they really do not have a clue. So, my advice is get this into circulation. Every sister needs, to bless a brother with this information in hopes that he will tell his boys, and his boys will tell their boys.

    This poor fellow reminded me of the guy who asks to kiss you before he kisses you. I mean, like, "live in the moment will you!" It doesn't matter how much you have been longing for the kiss or envisioning it, there is just something about being asked, "Can I kiss you?" that just makes you say, "Just forget it, dang!" But I am sure he thought he was being polite as so Mr. Gym guy. But when you think about it, was he being polite following you around from machine to machine while you were trying to workout? This just goes to show he didn't think the whole thing through. He was persistent enough to follow you but couldn't figure out how to give you his number. You can't help but to feel bad for him.

    So next time a "Mr. No game-No personality" approaches you, in case there is a real potential sweetheart in the lurks, school him on the spot and still take his number. Not that you will necessarily call, but the sweetheart won't be so intimidated, and he will learn how to bring it for when it is his turn.


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