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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life's Good

Today I woke up feeling very thankful. My mood was much better than it has been in months and the crazy thing is that nothing in my life has significantly changed to make me feel this way. I guess u can say for once I was able to isolate all the cloudy distractions and see life for what it really is. Life is good. Things are not the way I ever expected them to be but when I think about how much worse they could be the phrase "what's not to like??" comes to mind.

A close friend of mine once named me LG in lieu of LG electronics. At the time it was hilarious because my real initials are actually LG. However, what was once cute is now very fitting as LG stands for "Life's Good." Today and going forward I have decided to adopt the mantra of Life's Good and apply it to my life. Things may not be how I visualized they would be, but heck, when I look around what's not to like???

Life is Good!!!

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  1. Glad you feeling good LS and much love


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