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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wish List

Lately I have been mentally shopping for a few different items that I would like to purchase before the fall. So far the list includes: a Mini Netbook, a new Blackberry, Grey Stilettos, and a new Hobo.

Of course these items will only be purchased per the approval of the budget, but due to the need versus the mere desire I believe they will be approved. If you are asking yourself why these items are a need I will tell you. The Mini Netbook is a guaranteed way to enable me to focus on my blog and write more frequently. The new Blackberry is needed because in the past week I have dropped my Blackberry 5 times, plus it is now eligible for an upgrade. The shoes are self explanatory just look at them. And last but not least, there is no point in having a Netbook and a Blackberry if I do not have a bag to carry these items in....thus the Hobo.

I will definitely keep you guys posted as I mark each item off the list. Remember, Nordy's is having their anniversary sale now through August 3rd, make sure you check it out you do not want to miss this.

Until then, Happy Shopping!

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