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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Facebook gone Wild!

I am still fairly new to the whole Facebook thing however, I am tickled everyday by someones status, comments, or profile picture. Ideally, FB was created for networking purposes and to maintain connection with past or current contacts; however, in the past few weeks I have seen an abundance of things on FB that has made me look and shake my head. I have:

-had people request me as a friend when I know they don't even like me, they just want to be nosy.
-received friend requests with not even a note included from people I have NEVER officially met.
-witnessed chicks stalking their past or current love interests and then threatening to put him on blast via FB.
-witnessed a man/woman scorned and venting to FB as therapy.
-witnessed people discussing their need for sex through status updates.
-witnessed people save others as a friend and then privately go to back and delete them because they did not want to be rude and decline the friend request.

When you start putting your business on Front street, and using the audience of FB to threaten those who have done you wrong, or fake like you REALLY have alot of friends, or try to seduce people with your half naked pics just so you can feel better about yourself,....then something is wrong. If you will regret what you wrote in a month or a week then think about it before you do it.

I personally am not on a quest to have the most FB friends. If I don't know you and you cannot introduce yourself before sending a friend request then don't bother. If I know you didn't like me and you just want to know my business then your request will be ignored, and if by any chance I have dated you in the past and you think we are going to rekindle something I can assure you we won't!

I might catch some slack for saying what I have said but if you feel some kind of way then your motives were suspect to begin with. If you could care less what I say then I appreciate you accepting this blog as an expression of MY own personal opinion.

Happy Facebooking!!

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