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Monday, April 13, 2009

New Spokeswoman for VitaminWater 10

When vitaminwater came out with their new 10 calorie beverage no one could have been happier than me. One bottle of vitaminwater will now cost you only 25 calories compared to its predecessor that would have caused you 125 calories. The 10 calorie beverage is naturally sweetened and contains essential vitamins geared to help you get through the day. My personal favorite is the Acai-blueberry-pomergranate.

If I sound like a spokeswoman for vitaminwater 10 its because I have longed to find a drink that is low in calories and sugar. To cut down on my sugar intake I removed juice from my diet, so up until this point I would only drink water and an occasional Pepsi which is not negotiable. When you think about it, the average bottle of juice contains about 150 to 240 calories per serving. For the same amount of calories I could have eaten (2) Chocolate Chip, Chips Ahoy cookies. So you do the math.

Glaceur really hit it on the head with this one folks!

Try vitaminwater 10 its sweet, it delicious and it's only 10 calories.


  1. Have you seen the zero calorie SoBe Lifewater? It's also a naturally sweetened vitamin enhanced water, but it has 0 calories per serving!!

  2. i never even thought about it ,I should think more healthy . Good idea


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