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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Thought the Weekend Was Suppose to Be Fun!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I figured I'd give you a recap of my recent trip. Well unfortunately my trip to ATL was a bust. Don't get me wrong the Peach Tree city was beautiful. The weather was in the low 70's and the sun could not stop shining but unfortunately, nice weather and a beautiful city was not enough for this particular trip. I came back one day early.

Nonetheless, before I cut my trip short I managed to make it to 2 amazingly cozy restaurants. When I arrived we went to Marlow's Tavern. We got there pretty late and the food wasn't that great but I must admit the atmosphere was phenomenal. We sat outside on the upper level deck. The lighting was amazing and the ambiance made it a real nice place for drinks. There was a little chill in the air due to the time we arrived however, believe it or not the place was as toasty as could be. Heat ventilators hung from the ceiling and it gave the feel of a real fire place. Although the food was lacking and the server had ADD I would definitely go back again either on a date or night out with the girls.

The second restaurant we went to was a nice little Thai food restaurant located by one of the malls. Of course, the name has escaped my mind but the food was great. I ordered garlic shrimp and it was seasoned to perfection with a hint of spice. When it comes to restaurants I am all about atmosphere. This place had cozy tables and although there wasn't much scenery going on it had a real great feel to it. I definitely would go back as soon as I remember the name of it.

Since my weekend pretty much sucked all the way around from work that Friday to my return on Sunday, my flight back was not exempt from the drama. After getting dropped off at that airport at 8:15 for my 8:45 flight, I found myself running through the airport like a maniac in manner that you would only see on TV. The chic suitcase I brought was great for traveling however, a 3 year old child was able to knock it over in the middle of my airport run. It took about 65 seconds to get myself and my suitcase back on track but once I did I was off.

Making final call I arrived at my gate and was the last one allowed on the plane. By time I made it on the plane all the spaces in the overhead compartments was gone. I was forced to try to squeeze my new $500.00 "looking" suitcase under my seat. My luck would have it that it didn't fit. My luck also seem to give the couple next to me the gall to ask me if I was going to leave my suitcase like it was. The suitcase was under my legs definitely in no harms way for my neighbor but here she was, whining in my ear how it's illegal for me to put my back under my legs. I looked at this woman in disbelief and advised her that unless I'm told by one of the stewardess my bag would remain where it was. Clinched at the mouth she sat back and decided to leave me the hell alone.

I guess you could say her vengeance was hers because as we prepared to land one of the stewardess noticed my bag and advised me that it couldn't stay like that. My obnoxious neighbor and her husband then proceeded to say "We told her to move it but she refused." I guess they hoped that my disbedience would have me thrown off the plane but the stewardess ignored their comment, and rightfully so. After the weekend I had that woman is lucky I didn't smack her. Instead I just looked at her and laughed wondering if this lady really wanted me to personally show her crazy. I closed my eyes and for the 3rd time that weekend, and asked the Lord to PLEASE let me hurry up and make it back home.

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