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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beyonce 2009 Concert

Up until now I thought the Jay Z and Mary J. Blige concert that I attended in Miami would be my last concert; however, now that my girl "B" is hitting the stage yet again, I am determined to see her in action. Beyonce's 2009 tour is bound to be a hit. Regardless of her ditsy interviews and her lacking acting skills, when B is in her true element she is unstoppable. Even if you are not a Beyonce fan, to see her in concert will be history, as years from now she will be seen as the Tina Turner of our time. With that said, I plan to attend her 2009 concert. The tickets range from $85.00 - $1300. Call me bias but I believe the concert in New York will be one her better concerts but, she will be making her way to DC as well. A few of the concert dates are listed below:

Sunday, June 21, 2009 - Madison Square Garden New York, NY
Monday, June 22, 2009 - Madison Square Garden New York, NY
Monday, June 24, 2009 - Verizon Center Washington, DC

I would love to hear your thoughts on which concert you think will be the best. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think as I begin my search for an affordable ticket.


  1. Hey Girl
    Ms. B will give her best performance ever in NYC and she is definitely up there with the Patti, Tina, & Aretha. Not only can the girl sing she can move all the right body parts at the right time without being ashamed. We all need to be that comfortable with ourselves. Peace out. M-

  2. I beleive B is going to bring her "A" game in NY and DC. She doesn't strike me as a person who wants to disappoint her fan base in any state.

    Live performances is what she does well. Her acting is questionable :).


  3. Thanks for the info I may just have to go to Nyc for that weekend .


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