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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5K Recap

The race was amazing. I wish I could have brought you all with me to see it. The event was a little unorganized and I almost thought I was going to miss the race but in the end, like my mother always says, it all worked out.

As I walked toward the race I felt exhilarated by the crowd, the atmosphere and the 85 degree weather we was blessed with. It really was an amazing feeling and even though I was nervous as everything it was at that moment I was really proud I was about to accomplish what I set out to do. The race started late, but when it started it started. Thousands of people hurled into the Lincoln Tunnel, some old, some young, some black, some white, some small some tall, but as different as we all were, we all shared the same goal that day, which was to make it to the end.

The race was challenging but I'm here to let you know I made it. My legs were hurting like they never hurt before and it was a little harder to focus, but I managed. It took me about 40 minutes to complete the race and my mother and brother stood by the finish line chanting and clapping for me. I was exhausted but again, the feeling was AMAZING.

As you can see from the picture I found the perfect outfit. Who would have thought a skort would hold up so well. Nonetheless, after the race there was activities, food, prizes and more. People from everywhere joined together to enjoy the race and the beautiful weather.

On my way home people on the street congratulated me and asked several questions about the race and it really made me feel good. My mother and brother was an excellent support system and I am so glad they came and cheered me on. This may have been my first race but it will definitely not be my last race. I will keep you posted on my next physical activity.

In case your wondering, I'll be back at the gym on Thursday!!!!!!


  1. I'm proud of my baby girl lila.

  2. I am so proud of you Lois. You set a goal and you achieved it! The personal accomplishment has to be exciting. You are truly an inspriation.



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