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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Bucket List

Lately I have been thinking there is a whole list of things I still have left to do. I have decided the only way to make sure I get to them all is to make a list and check things off one by one. This will help me stay on track and will help me gauge what I have that I still need to accomplish. There is no right or wrong list, a bucket list to me is simply a list of things you MUST do before its your time. I am still in the process of composing my list but this is what I have so far:

Have twins
Go to Vegas*
Go sky diving
Go to Canada
Taste caviar
Go to LA*
Own a pair of Christian Louboutins
Learn a second language (French or Japanese)
Stay at the Bellagio
Go to the Opera
Cut my hair short
Take care of a dog
Change someones life
Make a old person smile
Buy a Brownstone
Write a article that is published in a major magazine
Go to Paris
Eat an oyster
Buy an expensive purse*
Take a cooking class
Understand the true meaning of faith
Buy a Beemer
Help a child
Hear God's voice directly
Climb a mountain
Go skiing
Be my own boss
Try the blue thing
Get married
Quit my job
Wear a huge diamond
Go to a football game*
Buy an real couture dress
Go to a Knicks/Nets game with my dad
Buy my mom something she will never forget
Plant a garden
Get a Brazilian*
Get a six pack even if its only for a week
Walk in a fashion show
Go fishing
Run a 5K*
Do a Triathlon
Take a belly dancing class*
Go camping in the woods
Go to Japan
Do something my grandma would especially be proud of
Take my mom on a trip
Buy a really expensive suit and have it tailored
Get a really expensive weave
Get a boob job
Buy breakfast for a stranger*
Host a dinner party
Take professional photographs
Get something from Tiffany's
Live IN a major city (ie Manhattan, Chicago)
Take a cruise
Bless a stranger just because

The items italicized I have already done. Judging from the look of this list I have alot I still need to accomplish. I guess that is why they say make every day count!

What's on your list?


  1. This is a great list! OUCHH! @ getting a brazilian wax. Though i've thought about it, that's definitely not on my list.

    Remember that year we tried out for UMES' fahion show. #fail LOL!!!

    I love your list! I should get started working on mine.

  2. I made a bucket list a few months back and I see that we have so many of the same items! That is sooo cool! I want to be published in a major magazine, stay at the Bellagio, own a pair of Loubous, take a cruise, cut my hair (well I've done it!), go to Vegas (planning to go soon finally!), run a 5k, and be my own boss to name only a few.

    I enjoyed reading your list and visiting your blog. Now following :)

  3. Yakini I think you meant to say ooooooouuuuuuuccccchhhhhhh for the brazillian #painful but worth it lol. Yes I remember that fashion show how could they not pick either of if!!! Lol jk. Thanks for reading.

  4. Miss Dre thanks for reading and following. We do have a lot of similar things on our list that's great! I will definitely be following you back


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