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Monday, September 6, 2010

Product Review: Aveda Comforting Tea

Aveda has really stepped it up with this product. I first tasted Aveda's Comforting Tea at a spa before I was about to receive my 50 minute massage. True to its name this delightful tea is both comforting and relaxing. 100% organic this tea is total bliss. When you first sip the tip its tasteless at first but has a sup rising kick of licorice and peppermint blend. With zero calories and no sugar or caffeine or flavors added this tea will sooth your nerves and relax your mind.

I typically drink this tea at night before bed and it works almost instantly. A mid-day sip of this tea will also refresh your nerves and put you in a calming place. While Aveda's Comforting Tea cannot be brought in any local store you can purchase it online at or at any luxury spa which carries Aveda products.

Aveda's Comforting Tea come in a box of 20 and is priced at $14.00 a box. While it is somewhat pricey you are guaranteed to savor this tea down to the very last drop. So the next time you need to relax and unwind instead of grabbing a glass of wine which has at least 85 calories, try Aveda's zero calories Comforting Tea.

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  1. Just bought Aveda Comforting Tea in New Brunswick, Canada and paid $20.95 for 20 tea bags! Tastes oh so good but b/c it is so expensive will only purchase as a treat once in a blue moon or so.


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