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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DC Cocktails with Belle

Twice a year Essence writer and dating expert Demetria Lucas, hosts a networking cocktail event for like minded woman looking to advance their careers. As woman throughout the DMV area gathered for the event, Demetria, better known as a Belle In Brooklyn, was fashionably dressed and greeted her guest with genuine warmth and sincerity. As the host of the event Belle introduced herself to everyone and had no problem sharing her personal secrets to success.

The event had a wonderful turned out and the "no men allowed" rule forced the ladies to really meet and greet each other without the distraction of a man. The crowd ranged from successful lawyers and writers to college students and woman looking to transition their careers. With a room full of woman dressed in their afterwork best, mixing and mingling amongst themselves, there was nothing but opportunity for everyone.

DC Cocktails with Belle was an event that really hit on the true meaning of networking. I had an amazing time and met some important contacts while socializing with the other DC Belles.

Success is often manipulated by who you know, attend a few networking events, you never know who you may meet.

Belle and I

DC Belles' In True Networking Mode

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