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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Perfect Concoction of A Man

African American men are something to behold. Imagine if you had the opportunity to taking the best of the best celebrity men and mix in the most significant qualities to make the perfect a man. Below are the ingredients for MY perfect celebrity concoction of a man.

Take the incredibly attractive and athletic Reggie Bush and add:
+ the body of Idris Elba
+ the sex appeal of Pooch Hall
+ the swag of Jay Z
+ the poetically mesmerizing words of Drake
+ the humor and wit of Kyle Heart
+ the ambition of Barak Obama
+ the sensual lips of LL Cool J
+ the sincere and trusting eys of Boris Kudjoe
+ the confidence of Denzel
+ the the good guy image of Lance Gross
+ the orientation of a family man like Will Smith
+ the humility and faithfulness of a man that knows and loves God.

Add that together and you have my perfection celebrity concoction of a man!

What does your perfect man look like??

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