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Thursday, July 15, 2010


In the playing field between men and woman do woman have more of an dating advantage than they realize?

Statistics for the DMV area states the ratio of woman to men is 3:1. Men have used this statistic in their favor as they marvel upon their dating options while woman have used the same statistic as the culprit for why dating is so hard these days.

As a woman I have often agreed that by time you subtract the men with all the detracting features such as: unemployed, bad credit, baby momma drama, or commitment issues the pool that remains is not always that impressive. Yet, as I get older and wiser I have come to realize that there is a whole group of eligible men that go unnoticed. These are what we call the "good guys". The guys that treat you like your a princess and make your heart melt but doesn't come with the same drama as the man who makes your knees buckle.

These are not the unattractive guys that get on your nerves. These are the guys with the good jobs, no kids, no drama, that are comfortable in their own skin, but have somehow gone unnoticed because they might not dress the best or they might not be in the same social scene as you.

These "Good Guys" are the guys that let you know during the date that they would like to see you again. The guys that have taken the time to truly like who you are as a person and how you look is just an extra bonus to them. These are the guys that will make you smile in a way your "knee buckler" will never be able to.

So why do these guys go unnoticed you may ask? Well its simple, you've been blindsided!! weren't looking for them. Instead of checking for the good guy you was checking for the dude in the club that brought you the most drinks or the dude that drives the nicest car and wears the most expensive clothes. The "fancy" dude who will mostly likely screen your calls and texts and will never commit.

Meanwhile, Mr. Good Guy goes about his business unnoticed enjoying his life. This is not the guy who is going to chase you. He is not going to entertain your childish dating games, and if your not interested he will keep it moving with no problem. You see, Mr. Good Guy knows his self worth and if you don't see it, he knows its your lost because in the end you will be the one continuously crying and heartbroken over Mr. Fancy, while he is loving and adoring the woman who knew what was important when selecting a mate.

Everyone is a work in progress do you choose to work on Mr. Fancy who looks good but will never change? or do you choose to work on Mr. Good Guy, who probably only needs a slight makeover and a good woman on his side?

The choice is yours?

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