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Monday, July 12, 2010

I Don't Want it If Its FAST

"Two-thirds of American adults are either obese or overweight." With obesity rates at it highest its disturbing to hear that many Americans still eat fast food. Fast food franchises such as McDonald's, Wendy's Popeye's, Burger King and Taco Bell are still in business even with the overwhelming negative effects their food has on the body. It appears the surprisingly disturbing facts from Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me have long been forgotten despite the severity of its message. According to Morgan Spurlock's 2004 American documentary:

-"Each day, 1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant."
-"A person would have to walk 7 hours continuously to burn off a Big Mac, Fries and a Super sized coke."
-"Nutritionists recommend not eating fast food more than once a month."
-"40 percent of American meals are eaten outside the home.
-"McDonald's states that "Any processing our foods undergo make them more dangerous than unprocessed foods"
-"Before most children can speak they can recognize McDonald's."
-"Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America."

While these details might single out McDonald's as the sole culprit, competitive fast food chains have the same negative effects on the body. Rule of thumb: If its fast it can't be good for the body. French fries, burgers, tacos and fried chicken are all foods that reek havoc on the body especially when processed. One mild Popeye's chicken breast alone contains: 350 calories, 179 milligrams of cholesterol, 1130 milligrams of sodium and 20 grams of fat. Sides and a drink to complete the meal has not even been calculated yet.

To think that meals with such unhealthy nutritional value is consumed by adults every day is is frighting; but, to think this is what we feed our children as well that is just catastrophic. In a time where everything is on the go, old fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with an apple and Mott's apple juice has now been replaced with Kids Meals.

While healthy eating often comes with a hefty price tag, one must ask when it comes to your health is this really the time to be frugal? Traders Joe's, local farmers market and smart budgeting all options that can help make the transition to healthy eating much more affordable. Though it may be more time consuming to prepare meals and snacks from home in the long run its well worth the effort. Take a step back from the fast food and enjoy the life long benefits of eating healthy, your body will thank you in the end.

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