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Monday, April 5, 2010

Can McNabb Save the Skins????

I think NOT. The news has been obsessing over it, people at work have been talking about it and overall it seems to be a big deal that Donovon McNabb is joining the Redskins. Apparently McNabb will be replacing Jason Campbell however, the Skins stated they plan to keep Campbell.

The Skins are not wasting anytime. McNabb was flown into Dulles airport today on a private jet, to make the deal official. While it is still unknown exactly how much McNabb will get for joining the Skins it is evident that Mike Shanahan thinks McNabb can save the Skins. With one year left on his Eagles contract the Skins are already looking into extending McNabbs contract with them.

As a former Skins fan I am totally confused as to what the hype is about McNabb becomming a Redskin. McNabb's reputation definitely preceeds him, but one man alone cannot save a team and definitely not the Redskins.

Time will tell it all very soon.

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