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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cat & Mouse

Have you ever noticed that people always want the person who wants them less. A woman will overlook a GREAT man because she's so infatuated by a GREAT dog. A man will be bored with the chic that just wants to be with him, but the chic that pays him no mind and ignores him, well that is the woman he's intrigued by.

Whether its cat chase mouse or mouse chase cat, does the chase ever end? Do you brace yourself for rejection and become the chaser? or do you decide to be the chasee knowing that if you ever get caught you won't be wanted as much?

What is is about what we can't have that makes what we can have so boring and not enough?

Does marriage level out the cat and mouse game or does the same game continue but is now acceptable because there is a ring?

Some people are lucky, they meet someone and have equal interest in each other. But this is rare and does not happen often. Which introduces an interesting question. Is it better to be the cat or the mouse, why?

Let me know your thoughts.

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