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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What the Hell!!!!

In the past 48 hours I have heard some troubling stories. We are living in crazy times and the things that are happening are not only senseless but they are stupid!. My home girl told me she was robbed at gun point at 9:30 pm in front of her condo. The only thing of value she had on her was her Motorola Droid. A young boy stabbed his father in the neck because of the advice his dad gave him regarding a video game he was playing. A young girl was raped at Montgomery College, right in the ladies rest room. A mother and son were on the way to the doctors office for the son to receive his Chemo treatment when the woman was robbed and the purse that was taken had all her sons medications. Last but definitely not least a young girl was raped in broad daylight in a commercialized neighborhood why bystanders did nothing. Drivers and passengers witnessed the rape and beeped their horns but the rapist merely stopped, looked and continued to rape the younger girl.

I'm sure you all are as horrified as I am to hear of these heinous acts. It is so sad that some individuals have no regard for something as precious as life. To rape someone in broad daylight or stab your own father over a video game is sick. In this sick twisted world we live in I implore you all, especially the ladies be observant, alert and most importantly please be safe.

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