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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday Mornings

As a little girl Sunday mornings for my family always meant waking up to a homemade breakfast and then going to church. It was a routine that was expected and one that surprisingly I have held fast to despite my declaration of independence from my parents. My new Sunday routine includes attending morning service and then picking up breakfast or paying Starbucks a visit, with one of my girlfriends. I then call my bff and recap the sermon for him since he is unable to make it to church on Sundays.

Well this Sunday's service really hit the spot for me. Quite often those of us who strive to continuously progress sometimes miss out on enjoying our achievements and blessings. We immediately become distracted with our newest goal or materialistic possession to obsess about. Unfortunately, I must admit that sometimes I am guilty of letting my ambitions or goals overshadow my current achievements and blessings. Sometimes I forget to just sit back and be happy with where the Lord has brought me. Nonetheless, when my pastor spoke on this subject, I felt the need to share what the Lord had put on his heart. The following is an except that was shared with us from my Pastors upcoming book.

"For so many, life is filled with frustration and drama stemming from a mindset which focuses on the happiness and blessings that hopefully are waiting for us in the future. We spend out lives saying, "when I get another job I'll finally be happy or when I get married everything will be perfect. We even believe that if I get broke-off financially all of our problems will go away. The truth is we have fallen into Satan's biggest trap. It is simply to keep the Christian so preoccupied with chasing tomorrow's happiness that they never stop to enjoy the trip. You see the moment we realize that a good portion of our lives will be invested "pressing toward the mark" and if all we can be happy about is the "mark" season we'll be miserable during the (often long) process of "pressing." This morning we've got to move past Satan's trap and realize that Christ died for our peace and wants us to embrace, enjoy, reverence, take hold of, have a blast in, smell the roses in every second God gives us. We will no longer take today for granted but sap the life out of every moment."

I hope this has touched you as much as it has touched me. Life is short, too short to spend it worrying about tomorrow when we can be enjoying today.


  1. Baker's is having a sale

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  3. That was real talk right there

  4. AMEN...

    Each day we rise is a blessing; however, Sunday morning's are the best.

  5. I am excited to say i have been saved over a month now and to be for god you have to be selfless. . when we as people are always thinking what about me that is called selfishness and will never be at peace. I can truly say that is true . God has shown me the selfishness I expressed and why I was not at peace .I am one whom has been blessed all my life I have everything anyone can want and still had no peace. Now that I am selfless i am even more blessed and best of all at peace...Shaun


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