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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What to Buy???

With my birthday nearly 3 weeks away, the pressure is on for me to find the perfect gift to commensurate the celebration of seeing another year. While some may think this is a vain and materialistic ritual, I have always believed in the theory that if I don't treat myself to something nice why should anyone else? With that said, the hunt is on!

In the midst of a severe economic recession, I am looking for something nice but not over the top. Thus far, I am considering the following:

Unless, you are a true shoe lover at heart you will not know what to do with either of the two shoes reflected above. As a self proclaimed shoe connoisseur, I know both options would add a uniquely fashionable look to my wardrobe.

The Steve Madden brown booties are adorable. This shoe will not only look great with pants but will add a hint of sexy to a nice pencil skirt. The Betty J's as I call them, are my favorite. These shoes exhibit a balanced concoction of chaos and trendiness which Betsey Johnson is known for. A shoe of this type is worn occasionally and will make an unforgettable statement.

The comparison in price differs dramatically however, shouldn't every girl have at least 1 pair of Betsey J's,?

Stay tuned for the final decision.


  1. Even though summer is approaching, I like the brown ones they are cute~!!

  2. I am a definitely fond of the brown pair as well. It is like the gift that keeps giving because I can see you getting many different wears out of this shoe. I know very practical thinking for such a special ocassion, so get the Betsey J's for the ocassion. But, you will have to go back and get the brown ones anyway. They are a wadrobe necessity. LOL

  3. I am so late i will like to say happy belated Birthday and which shoe did you buy. I would say the betsy J's because your birthday only comes arouind once a year and since it is an ocassional shoe it is perfect.Bown booties are always around and you can always get a brown bootie from any disigner at that. But Betsy J fits you ..Cute,differnt,Stands out and will be an attention getter ..Do you Lo .... Shaun


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