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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Uggs and Choo's? I think Not!

Every woman wants a pair of Jimmy Choo's and most woman already have at least one pair of Uggs. But what happens when you take Jimmy Choo's and merge them with Uggs? You get this:

A devout fan of Jimmy Choo's and definetly a fan of Uggs, unfortunately, I have to give this uncanny collaboration a thumbs down. Aside from the clutter of decor around the boot itself, the Jimmy Choo concept is totally missing in this collaboration. These low end over priced boots start at a whooping $700.00 and I wouldn't believe Jimmy Choo had anything to do with them if it was listed as a special edition on the Ugg website itself.

The best of both worlds merged together in this case cleary resulted in a mess. This is one Ugg trend I will have to pass on. What are YOUR thoughts??


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