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Monday, October 25, 2010

Brand Yourself!

In life you will meet those who add value to your life and those who live to see you at your worst. In the midst of these obstacles your strength will always come from knowing who you are and letting no one tell you differently. After deep self reflection I saw some areas in myself I wasn't happy to see. I have always been a confident person. Confident about my looks, my body and my intellect so imagine my surprise when I realized beneath the layers of confidence and borderline conceit lied small traces of weakness and insecurities for my enemies/haters to prey on. I never knew I had such areas and before I knew how to tackle those weaknesses I had to get over the guilt I had for allowing myself to have weakness to begin with.

My mother had raised my siblings and I to be so strong and to not take crap, but after deep evaluation I saw how much crap I had allowed and I don't know what was worst, the hurt I endured from the accumulation of crap or the disappointment in myself for displaying a weakness to begin with. Nonetheless, they say you learn by experience and those are the lessons you will never forget, so I tell you today KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH. When you go on a job interview know that it's not just a great opportunity for you, but choosing you is a great opportunity for them. Treat your friends with love always have their back, but make sure your devotion as a friend is being appreciated and reciprocated because good friends are hard to find. If your girls are always banking on your generosity and support but can never be there for you in your times of need, then you need to find new girls and acquaint yourself with like minded people. When you are selecting a mate in the dating stage if you think you are the Series 7 of all woman, don't allow anyone to treat you any less. This doesn't mean you have to be conceited or think you are better than anyone it simply means you know your worth and your only interested in those who can appreciate you and treat you accordingly. If someone is only going to take away from you instead of adding to you...loose them quickly or else you will loose you.

This concept of self worth is nothing new we heard it all before. Except today I take it a step further and I say identify yourself with a brand and brand yourself. Harry Winston is one of the worlds most lavish diamond stores. There are very few Harry Winston stores and by no means does Mr. Winston specialize in sales and bargains. Mr. Winston does not question why more people go into Kay's and Jareds. Mr. Winston undoubtedly knows that his diamonds are top of the line and that very few people know fabulosity to that degree let alone have the means to afford it.

I encourage you all to brand yourself. Make a custom made label with directions and care for instructions as well. If people can't care for you per your instructions DELETE them from your life. And while this may sound harsh, which is worse standing up for yourself and deleting someone who mistreats you or siting back and watching yourself get mistreated? Know your worth, I do!

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