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Monday, October 26, 2009

~~ARe You A Bitter Blogger?~~

I have been debating whether I should write this or not but hell, its my blog I write what I want. First let me start by saying. I love blogging and I love reading other peoples blog. Sometimes I get so caught up in reading other blogs that it causes me to slack off on my own but heres my issue. I have read a variety of blogs on several different subjects such as shopping, fashion, relationships, gossip, pole dancing, you name it I have read it. What makes blogging so great is that it is the
1st amendment in its truest form. Bloggers really have the freedom to write whatever they want. The problem is that while I have read some blogs that have been really entertaining, uplifting and even educational at times, I have also read blogs that are filled with nothing but bitterness and negativity. Of course I don't have to read them if I don't like the content but I'm more so concerned with the thought process behind someone who has nothing good to say and why they feel the need to share their poison. The resentment towards men toward woman heck sometimes their resentment toward all happiness should be kept for their own private diary. It might not be my place to say it but I just think that although we have the freedom to write whatever we want, blogland is no place for other peoples poisonous baggage.

Maybe I am naive but I would like to think that when we write these blogs its for positive reasons, not to put certain people down, or tell some people off or brag about how we are the hottest thing since slice bread. I personally find that annoying and to be quite honest a pathetic attempt for attention.

Fortunatley, I have not come across too many bitter blogs but for the ones I have crossed, I'm really not interested in following your negativity. To everyone else, lets continue to enjoy this blog thing and and be wise enough know the difference between trash and good writing.

~~Happy Blogging Folks~~

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