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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Towel Dry vs. Blow Dry

My usual routine after a long day at work includes me going to the gym to work off some stress. Now I admit on this particular day I was a little agitated and short tempered by some of the events in my day but what I am about to tell you more than agitated me. I walked into the ladies locker room and I began changing into my gym clothes preparing for the 2 mile run I had to accomplish. Although its was about 8:30pm and the evening rush should have subsided the ladies locker room was packed. Woman were everywhere scattered about relishing in the comfort provided by this upscale gym. Now I know you are all curious as to which gym I am referencing however, you know what they say about curiosity.

Nonetheless, as I began to lace up my cute pink Airmaxx sneakers less than 3 feet away from me stood a middle aged woman drying her pubic region with one of the public blow dryers. Now, this luxurious woman's locker room that I speak of is in no way small. There is a vast amount of space and ample privacy should one need it. Towels, great lighting, numerous mirrors and accessible blow dryers are just a few of the basic locker room amenities provided by the gym.

My issue is that pubic drying is something that should not be done in public for everyone to see. This anomaly did not occur in the back of the locker room or in a space thought to be private. This act occurred directly in front of me, in a space that was prone to heavy traffic and is typically highly populated. I wasn't the only one startled by this, several bystanders appeared quite dismayed as well. Pubic drying is on the same list with towel flossing, it is an act that should only be done in private, and not with the same blow dryer or towel I am going to use in the next 50 minutes!

I am curious to hear your thoughts. Is public pubic blow drying proper gym etiquette?


  1. I'm with you that was disgusting!!

  2. That's Too Darn Funny! Not to mention, out right nasty! I am totally with you.

  3. ewww........I guess some people just dont care.

  4. That is Hilarious .I never in my whole life ever heard of such a thing.I am curious to know the females ethnicity. Wow .. but I think i would have been so disgusted i would walked out the locker room and reported her to somone...Shaun


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