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Monday, February 23, 2009

Diva Do’s and Diva Don’ts

First let me start by saying when I use the word diva I use it in the context of a female who is taking care of business and trying to be successful in all areas of her life while looking good too. In no way am I referring to the over the top cell phone throwing, tantrum having, gold digging, hoodrat looking female, nor am I referring to the Diva, defined by Beyonce as a hustler. I am simply referring to a classy independent woman doing big things in a big way while still being able to be cute at all times. If that brief description describes you then welcome to our sister circle. If the description doesn’t describe you, maybe you should consider making the necessary adjustments. If your uncertain which group you belong to read the do’s and don’t’s listed below and if your guilty of 3 or more don’ts you might want to change your life!
1. A diva never personifies the “Felicia” character and hates on the next chick just because your old flame has moved on and is dating someone new. True divas hate in private and quickly, quickly get over it.
2. A diva is never dressed flawlessly from head to toe with expensive clothes, nice shoes and hot car yet her home and children look a hot mess. A diva’s style is consistant in all aspects of her life. If you cannot afford this lifestyle then take baby steps. I drove a hoopty for a time but rest assured with each penny I made I prioritized my apartment to be a place I could call home, then I upgraded from the hoopty.
3. A diva never chooses between making an expensive purchase vs. paying her bills. Diva’s live by affordable means and we pay our bills first and shop later.
4. A diva has a savings account that will hold her over for at least 1 year should she come upon troublesome times. I personally will continue to work on this one. No more needs to be said.
5. A diva is never caught cursing absurdly in an unseemly matter or acting raunchy in public. A diva is always a lady in public and her freaky side is only seen in private.
6. A diva is up to date on the events going on in the world and she can have an intelligent conversation with everyone from Hakeem the round the way player to Paul Wiess the corporate honcho.
7. This one is especially important! A diva is not a gold digger. I repeat a diva is not a gold digger. She is independent and has her own money. She does not exchange her body and time for money, she does not date drug dealers, and she does not trap men with pregnancies. A diva depends on NO man, she’ll work 2 jobs and do overtime before selling out.
8. A diva does not tolerate domestic violence just to be with a man. Ladies you cannot be a diva by day and getting smacked down at night. It doesn’t work that way. No man has the right to inflict pain on you by means of physical, emotional or verbal abuse. If this pertains to you I strongly urge you to call the National Domestic Violence hotline at 800-799-7233 or visit the website at Stand up don’t get shaken down!
9. A diva is never caught in public with unshaved legs or unshaved armpits. If you wear a skirt shave or wax those legs please! I personally believe that underam hair is never acceptable ANY time of the year but if you disagree at least shave your underarms in the summer…please.
10. Last but not least….a diva has good credit and if not she is taking the necessary steps to correct it. You cannot be independent if you always need a co-signer. Mistakes happen I agree, but be knowledgeable of your credit rating and if your credit is flawed its better to work on it rather than just ignore it.

There you have it folks my diva do’s and don’t for this month. Tally up your score to see where your stand.
Guilty of 0 don’ts – High five to you, you’re a true diva!!!
Guilty of 1-3 don’ts- You’ve obtained diva status because your working on improving your life everyday
Guilty of 4-6 don’ts- I hope this is an eye opener for you and you use this as motivation to make a positive change.
Guily of 5-6 don’ts- Think you should grow up and be responsible first and worry about being a diva later.

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  1. I can honestly say I have always been a diva now I am a god fearing Diva .. Shaun


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