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Monday, February 23, 2009

Dedication to Z

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am a dog lover by nature. On Friday, February 20, 2009, my dog of 11 years passed away. If you have never had a pet before you cannot begin to imagine the insurmountable feeling of loss that over takes you when you have lost your pet, which at some point became your buddy. Z, was 77 years old and in her time she had such an impact on myself and my family. At times I kept my distance from her but I always cared about her well being. I remember the day my brother fed Z Ramen noodles and she became very sick. She looked as if she she wouldn't make it and I swore that if she did not I would make my brother pay for his childish and ridiculous prank. Fortunately, she recovered and was fine, but that moment defined just how much she meant to me.

It is amazing how animals can take a human place in ones heart. Dogs especially have the unique ability to take on interesting personalities which give them character and makes you grow to love them. To some a pet becomes your friend, your companion or maybe just your responsibility. To me, Z was my buddy. I never had to say much to her, but her puppy dog eyes followed and watched everything I did.

I will miss her always.


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  1. You told me she passed and I am sorry to hear that. and that is what i felt when you told me . However after reading your blogg I am deeply hurt for you and feel your pain .I have prayed for you .. Shaun


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