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Sunday, January 9, 2011

What To Wear

As I transition into my new job, I find myself constantly debating what to wear. The term business casual leaves much room for interpretation and it can be quite challenging trying to decipher which fashion styles are appropriate for work and which are not.

For the past decade business casual meant a shirt and slacks for men and a knee length skirt and blouse for woman. Minimal make up and accessories were preferred and the phrase less is best was the rule of thumb.

Somewhere during the Sex in the City era and the emergence of movies like The Devil Wears Prada, the fashion world has changed the defintion of professional work attire. Four inch stilleotoes are now paired with fitted pencil skirts. Knee length skirts are now replaced with form fitting dresses and high waisted palazzo pants. Accessories and make up is everything and while the business world has turned into a fashion competition for woman, beauty regimens like flawless make up, manicured nails and trendy hair styles have become the norm.

I wish I can say the new world order for fashion in the work place is appreciated and followed by everyone but unfortunatly it is not. Quite oftenly, I find my peers examining my outfits from head to toe trying to decipher if skinny dress pants, designer purses and booties are appropriate. While I make it my business to never wear revealing clothing or do an overkill on make up, I find myself making a statement in the things I wear.

During the first two weeks of my new position in attempts to "fit in" I resorted back to the old way of professionalism. Not only was I bored to death with how I looked I also felt like I wasnted being true to who I was.

As time has gone by, I am happy to say that I have found a happy medium between the overly conservative world and the fashionable Devil Wears Prada world. I now wear clothes that are not only professional but clothes that reflect my personal contribution to fashion. Indifferent to peoples scrutinizing my outifits thinking my stilletoes are too high or my pencil skirt is inapproprite, I now wear clothing which represents not only my true fashion sense but clothes that show that while I am a fasionista I am 100% business and I'm not taking any mess!

The pictures below show a few different looks that work for the office.

What do you wear to work?

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  1. That is good that you found your happy medium! That way you're comfortable, and others around you aren't giving you the sideeye either (not that it should matter but... who really wants to feel uncomfortable in the work place).

    Im sure you looking amazing either way - if my memory serves me correctly, girl, you could throw on a potato sack with some pearls and look gorge!

    Glad the adjustment to NC is going well!


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