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Monday, June 21, 2010

What Does Your Style Say About You?

Everyday the busy streets of New York are compiled with fashionista's and trendsetters all clicking their heels to the beat of their own drum. Known as the fashion capital of the US to some and to others the place where trends are born, New York City is the place where fashion is an expression of art and emotion.

Void of self doubt and insecurities New York City is filled with bold self expression and catwalks that beg any and everyone to watch. Whether its a gothic look, a urban look, a Jackie O look or a metro-sexual look, the streets of New York will never disappoint you. While looking at a girl with booty shorts worn over candy striped tights paired with cowboy boots, my mother phrased it best when she said "everyone in New York has something to say."

New Yorkers use fashion as expression. Sarah Jessica Parker, has become a fashion icon because of the uniquely trendsetting outfits she wore on Sex And The City. Sixteen years later, the fashion world is still wearing the oversized sunglasses Jackie Kennedy first introduced. Anna Wintour,editor of Vogue magazine has revamped the corporate America look with her "fearsomely smart" and sexy outfits that were viewed in The Devil Wears Prada; And can been seen on any New York City street Monday through Friday.

The limits of fashion in New York are boundless. Free from judgement and ridicule New Yorkers have fashionably declared emancipation. Privileged to posses the same sense of independence as a New York native, I myself embrace the freedom of fashion expression. I will pair hot red lips with the most innocent outfit one can imagine. I will pin a beautiful flower on a simple blouse and on a rainy day make my own sun shine. I will buy a pair of shoes the average person would not be bold enough to even think to wear and match it with a simple outfit giving it a precise yet effortless look.

An expression of freedom and emotion everyone has their own sense of style and look they hope to convey. It can be a subtle form of expression or a bold form of expression, but as my mom always says "everyone has something to say."

What does your sense of fashion say about you?

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