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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Could I Give It All Up?

While laying on the the massage table receiving my quarterly hot stone therapy treatment, I began to let my mind enter the world of free thought and total bliss. As my mind drifted I began to wonder...If I had to could I give this all up? The quarterly massages, the expensive shoes, the shopping sprees at Nordstroms, the spontaneous trips to Chicago, LA and Vegas, my bi-weekly moments of over indulgence at Whole Foods and my overly expensive membership at my luxury gym. Could I give it all up if it meant I could do what I feel in my heart? Could I trade my gym membership for a free run in the park? could I trade my spontaneous trips for a trip to Ocean City instead? Could I trade Nordy's for H&M and Ross? and most of all could I give up my love of expensive shoes and electrical gadgets for peace of mind?

With my eyes closed in deep thought I heard the hesitation as I tried to answer that question. My heart said hell yeah! these are material things that I can live without because it would only be for a short time...but my heart also said it's these same little luxuries that make my world go round.

After 50 minutes of peace and tranquility I let my mind wonder again, except this time my thoughts were more definitive. This time I saw the bigger picture and I saw my current luxuries are by no means a worthwhile trade for my soul. This life of convenience and constant treats is a great life; But,life is not about how many shoes you have or places you have traveled to. Life is about the mark that you make in the world and the people you will touch along the way.

They say if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. The road to that path is rocky, and at times I may question if I did the right thing. I will wonder if I should have made the best of what I had. But in the dark hidden moments between me, myself and I, I know with purpose and a clear mind that "work" is not in my future. The days of luxuries and convenience will return 10 fold, except this time it will not be at the expense of my dreams. Success is not how much money you make but it is knowing you are fulfilling your true purpose. So with each day I prepare for my journey and am inspired and encouraged by those who have already made the trade.

To some, this may seem senseless...but for me its MY pursuit for happiness.

What mark will you make?

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