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Friday, May 7, 2010

Giving birth does not make you a mother

Mother's day is typically known as the day of celebration and honor for all mothers. Its the day in which mothers are honored for their hard work, their sacrifices, their unconditional love and the nurturing ways that have paved a foundation for a family. Yet, with the soaring number of single moms, it appears as though the reverencing of Mothers is a phrase that is now loosely used.

Oxford dictionary defines mother as "a female who gives birth". Yet, the saying "anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad" applies to woman as well. Any female can be deemed a mom if her decisions leads her down a path to be with child however, a mother is so much more than a woman with child. A mother gives and loves in a way which can never be duplicated. A mother is gentle and kind but can use the rod when necessary. A mother will raise and position her child with all the pertinent traits needed to be a successfully good person. I know this because this is my mother.

Children born out of wedlock is not a new epidemic yet it seems as though it is a decision made more casually these days. Year ago becoming a single mom was a choice made by either a careless mistake, or sheer ignorance of protective measures. These careless mistakes still occur in society now but they are no longer shielded by the excuse of unknown options. These days the options are known and quite often overlooked.

As the number of single mothers steadily rises the term "Happy Mothers Day" is no longer used as sacredly as it was in the past. Mothers day now applies to every woman with child regardless of the parenting tactics these woman are using. Motherhood is a precious gift however, its unfortunate that there are woman who one would never think of as a parent. Woman who are so caught up on living their lives that raising their child has become a secondary responsibility and not a priority. Woman who beat their children in public using vulgar speech and harsh words with an unloving spirit. Woman who are moms because pregnancy was a promising solution to keeping the man they wanted. These are the woman who taken the sacredness out of the well earned recognition of mothers.

Every woman with child is not a mother and it is imperative that we recognize the difference. Let us not continue to use the phrase "mother" as loosely as we have in the past. Let us honor and reverence the woman who are mothers, and let us pray and try to assist those who have yet to arrive at that place.

Happy Mother's to all the real Mothers, you are appreciated.

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  1. And, a Happy Mother's Day to those mothers who did not have the opportunity to "give birth", but provide a stable, loving environment for those kids who are without. This is also a time to recognize those women who mother children that are not their own. Aunts and cousins that provide a listening ear, and open door, advice and correction when necessary. Happy Mother's Day to those women who have embraced children whose mother is no longer with us, like my mother-in-law. And Happy Mother's Day to those mothers no longer with us. I love you mommy and I know you are always with me.


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