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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is The Media Too Invasive?

I recently saw a Facebook link to an article regarding Beyonce's miscarriage. A few days later I came across another article titled "Beyonce Breastfeeds!!!" Both articles was a little odd to me because neither of them warranted a story. If Beyonce did indeed suffer a miscarriage is that something that should be exposed and read for entertainment by the world? If Beyonce breastfeeds Blue Ivy, will every woman who breastfeeds going forward become a noteworthy subject matter?

The media has exploited deaths, love interests, finances, sexual pasts, marital status of celebrities etc, and it seems as though no personal moment is off limits. Its fun when the media gives us celebrity fashion sightings or stories like guess who is dating who now, but to delve into a miscarriage is going too far.

I recently watched a repeat of Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston. Whitney confessed that when she signed up to be a star she never thought every moment of her life would automatically become open to public scrutiny. "I did not sign up for that" said a saddened Whitney.

If we as regular everyday people hate to have others in our business, I can only imagine how it must be for a celebrity to have every moment of their lives exposed for gossip and possible mockery on shows like Wendy Williams or E!

As the general public we are limited to how we can fight "over exposure" however, we do have the choice to be selective in what we choose to be entertained by. The old adage do unto others as you want them to do to you seems fitting. All media is not good media. Give people the same privacy you would like even if their a celebrity.

Do you think the media goes too far?


  1. I think the media does go a bit overboard. I would not want to be under the microscope 24/7. Smh ....

  2. Thanks for the comment Optimistic Mom :-)


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