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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Confessions of A Stagnant Writer

To my loyal readers I must first apologize for my absence. I have not read or written a blog in at least six weeks.

What bothers me the most about my absence is that I have not forgotten about writing. It is not as if I never had a free moment to write because I have. The problem is that while I have thought about my love for blogging daily, I have also been battling the affliction known as writers block. If you are a writer and have never experienced writers block it is something I would not wish on any writer.

Writers block is like a itch on your back where you just can't reach it to scratch so it keeps itching and irritating you until you loose your mind. You try scratching with hangers, you ask other people to scratch it, you even find yourself squatting up and down against the edge of a wall in a desperate attempt to conquer the itch. Yet, no matter what you do, how many people you ask to scratch it or how hard you try to ignore it, that itch will torture you until you finally find a way to scratch it.

In the world of writing this fearless torture is synonymous to writers block. You think about writing, you want to write, yet when you try, you come up with nothing. Draft after draft you see words on paper and you realize you have written nonsense that even you would not want to read. Unfortunately, until I am hit with an idea that inspires me to write I am burdened with a guilt that makes me feel I am not investing in the one thing that make me the happiest, WRITING.

I could say that my job requires so much more of me, that I no longer have as much free time on my hands as I used to, but that would be an excuse. The reality of it is, if I can give my job 60 hours a week, I owe at least 61+ hours to invest in myself. Clueless as to where all these hours will come from in a week I will fight this block that has been stagnating me and I will dedicate time and invest in my writing, even if the subject for the day is How to Fold Socks! The first step to recovery is I admit to my stagnation and distraction and today I vow to change.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation? If so, what is your plan to transform your stagnation to progression?

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  1. I can definitely relate to this feeling, especially when I had a personal blog. Sometimes i just didnt have anything to write about, and then i would feel so guilty cuz i know folks would be waiting for updates and things. With my SMP blog that isn't so much an issue since it isnt requiring me to come up with fresh ideas, more so basing blog posts on what happens in the shows that i watch. So yeah, i dont even that feeling of blogger's block, but i do know what u mean. Glad to see u back though!!


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