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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whats In Your Purse?

I have always wondered how woman can almost never leave home without a purse whereas a man just has a few personal objects he can throw in his pocket. A wallet, keys, chapstick and loose change, seems to be all a man needs to leave home however, every woman has personal items they just can't leave home without.

Recently, I have tossed away all the things that have been adding clutter my purse and I now carry only what I need. The picture below shows my everyday essentials: From left to right:

Ipod Touch and H&M case, Blackberry, clutch wallet, Droid (work phone), peppermint (fresh breath is not an option), Cobalt gum (its the best!!) clear lip gloss, Palmer's Coco Butter (perfect for cold weather and can be used as a great moisturizer after a long flight, Urban Outfitters ID case (why put your ID all in one place?), Yogi Tea- Licorice (not sure why I always carry a spare tea bag but I do) Loreal Blush (a dab of color can always add to your look). Laura Geller's Blush and Brighten (good for instant glow), Rimmel's Eye Magnifier (this is by far the best mascara I have ever worn), Usher Perfume (I just got this and it smells amazing), LA Girl Fine Tap Liquid Liner(makes a perfect line no matter how unsteady your hand is), and Nubian Heritage Goat Milk & Chai Hand Cream(keeping the hands properly moisturized is a must).

I typically store all these products in a case but due to my holiday traveling I figured it would be easier to check in without it. My recommendation for a good case would be the Centennial Stripe Medium Makeup Bag by Henry Bendel. It is very classy and actually stores a lot.

What's in your purse????

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  1. The clutter in my purse is truly ridiculous and i need to go thru a similar "cleansing." I'll add that to my other goals for 2011 (lol).


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