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Sunday, May 29, 2011


When my life slows down and I find myself getting bored there are always (2) thoughts that come to mind to spice things up. (1) cutting my hair and(2) getting a new tattoo. The irony of these thoughts is that I will probably never cut my hair because of the size of my head and I will probably never get another tattoo because I feel I might be too old to do something like that again.

One of Rhianna's recent short cuts really stood out to me but I worry with the size of my tiny head and long my neck if I could pull it off. But I digress, while I can't do anything about my short hair urge I have managed to find a way to subliminally pacify my desire for a tattoo. It's called Henna!!

At a recent street fair I saw a booth that did henna and it looked absolutely beautiful. I watched (2) people get their designs done and I immediately knew what design I was going to get and where I was going to put it. For $15.00, I got the Chinese symbol for happiness on the forefront of my right foot. According to the instructions it should last for 2-3 weeks. The technique they used to draw the design on is rather interesting. Henna is initially applied as a paste that reminded me of fabric paint. Once the design is in place a gold glitter spray is then applied which makes the design look more like body paint then henna. The glitter paint some how or another sets the henna. The procedure took about 5 minutes or less and came out beautiful! The paste with the glitter is to set for 6-12 hours undisturbed, so it is always best to get henna done towards the end of the day.

I let my design sit overnight and when I woke up the next morning I gently pealed off the paste. Only a light reddish brown image of the Chinese symbol remained. Over the next 24-48 hours I watched the design darkened in color until it was brown. I can honestly say I am absolutely happy with my henna. The location of it and what it symbolizes just puts me in a very good place. It looks beautiful in stilettos but also in gladiator sandals. It screams attention in the most subtlest way and I love it. My boss even complimented me on it! I hope it lasts for the full 3 weeks and when fades I will just get it replaced.

Henna is an amazing substitute for tattoo's. It satisfies a urge that may only be temporary and it is painless and inexpensive. If you would like more information on henna you can go to As far as my short hair cut, I will continue to ponder that one.

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  1. That tattoo is super cute! I love the idea of something temporary. I might do that one day. Probably a lower back one.

    I love you with long hair. I'd have to see pics of you (like, those photo-shopped ones) to see how a shortdo would be. But you have such a pretty face I bet you could pull that off as well.


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